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About e-Career Counselor

At Global Career Counseling, the sessions will allow students to discuss their feelings, concerns, and ideas. If they are concerned that they have opted for the wrong career, then this is the time to open up about it. They should never be ashamed about having made the wrong decisions in life. We all make mistakes, and we learn from them. It is an ongoing process and one that will ensure they don’t get stuck in a rut and that they make changes when they feel they need to. Students will identify what their current influences are, and if they are the right ones or not."

Many students make career choices based on the most picked career among their peers. They don’t, for once, consider what they like until it’s too late.

At Global Career Counseling, the following services are offered:

◉ Parents confused about choosing right curriculum for the child? Explore curriculum options - Ages 5 to 12
◉ Are you confused about choosing the right stream in Grade 9 or 10? Explore stream - Ages 13 to 15
◉ Are you in the process of finalizing the right career option in Grade 11 and 12? Explore the right career option - Ages 16 to 18
◉ Planning to pursue higher studies abroad? Explore Abroad Studies - Under Graduates and Masters
◉ Career Counselling Program for Schools and Colleges

About Veena Karnati

◉ As a headmistress, teacher and parent